2019 Solo Travel Destinations

If you haven't yet made plans for your next solo travel trip then I've put together a list of the 2019 Solo Travel Destinations to inspire you. This diverse list covers countries in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. You don't even need to go far to explore one of these destinations. Chosen by solo females as the most recommended destinations for next year, I hope that this video inspires you for somewhere new.


Not only are the Scots friendly but they are surrounded in beautiful nature. Scotland oozes traditions and you don't have to be completely solo either as there are fun tour companies to take you throughout the country stopping at whisky factories and the Isle of Skye.

Scotland promises: Lochs, whisky trails, and plenty of kilts.

Solo travel in Georgia


Georgia may not have been on anyone's radar before but it is definitely growing in popularity. It has ancient cave cities, monasteries and plenty of mountains to explore. It's also very cheap and has fantastic cuisine. From the Black sea coastal resort of Batumi to the winelands of Kakheti. The country is definitely one for the intrepid explorer.

Georgia promises: culture, monasteries, and mountains.

Puerto Rico

This gorgeous island in the Caribbean is part of the U.S with a Spanish flair. The island has a fusion of cuisine, plenty of salsa dancing and two additional islands: Culebra, and Vieques. You can spot wild horses, kayak in a bioluminescence bay, or just sunbathe on one of the World's best beaches. After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico needs tourism more than ever.

Puerto Rico promises: music, cuisine, and a Latin flair.

How To Travel Within South America


If you've ever wanted to dance the tango or eat an Argentine steak, head to Argentina. The capital, Buenos Aires is a vibrant city full of hidden gems. Then there's Cordoba, and the wine region of Mendoza, not to mention Patagonia – an area of glaciers, icefields and mountain peaks. Whether you want to party hard or fall in love with the scenery, Argentina is amazing.

Argentina can be described as: electric, passionate, and stunning.


Ethiopia is a very different country from the one we knew from the past. It's a beautiful country to explore with a unique cultural heritage and rich history. Palaces, castles and temples dot its terrain and add to its volcanic landscape. Visit Ethiopia before the masses arrive.

Ethiopia promises: history, rock churches, and a walled city.

Sigiriya Rock - Travelling solo in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka may not be on your radar but this country has lots to offer. Beautiful beaches, traditional fishermen on stilts, and the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy are just some of its attractions. With three thousand odd years of history, eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, and a giant rock (Sigiriya Rock)  for you to explore, Sri Lanka is definitely one for the cultural solo.

Sri Lanka promises: Asian mystery, Buddhist culture, and a timeless history.

Solo Travel in Norway


It may be an expensive country to visit but it has to be on the bucket list especially as a destination to watch the Northern Lights. It's the perfect place to cruise through the most stunning fjords, go whale watching and learn more about Viking history.

Norway promises: fjords, Northern Lights, and breathtaking scenery.

Best Places to Travel Solo in 2018 - Taiwan


Part of China, this stand-alone island feels as though it has its own identity. It's safe, has lots of nature to hike in and the people are incredibly polite. There are museums, hot springs and great scuba diving on the smaller islands as well as surprisingly gorgeous beaches. It's ideal for vegetarians too!

Taiwan offers: temples, hot springs, and adventure.

Solo travel in South Africa

South Africa

Known for the Big 5, South Africa doesn't have to be explored solo. There are many companies offering safaris but if you do want to be alone, explore the Q&V Waterfront in Cape Town and take the cable car to the top of Table Mountain for amazing views.

South Africa promises: tribes, safaris and plenty of nature.

Tashkent in Uzbekistan


With a new-found interest in the ancient Silk Road, Uzbekistan is definitely a destination for next year. It has good tourism infrastructure with high-speed trains along some of the routes, hotels in UNESCO World Heritage Cities, and it's cheap too.

Uzbekistan promises: ancient history, mausoleums and (of course) the Silk Road.

Are any of these of your list? Where are you heading in 2019? 

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