Is There Life After Separation?

One More Sleep!

It's the night before my first big adventure and I can hardly contain myself; I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. Only 1 more sleep to go before I say ‘Adios' to this chapter and open a brand new one.

I have been waiting months to say goodbye to my old life and in 8 hours time, I will be on my way to a well deserved holiday – 4 days living it up in Cape Town then 5 weeks of travelling around Africa in an overland truck, camping with the animals.

(Please don't let me get eaten by a lion! or worse still; find a spider in my tent!)

People may say i'm just running away, but what a great country to run to!

I've spent months trying to pick up the pieces of my once married life and deal with no longer being part of a couple; leaving my marital home, sofa surfing and family issues, until Eureka…. I realise the secret to being a happy new divorcee is to do what I want to do.

So, I'm doing it and this brand new me starts tomorrow, as soon as the plane takes off. Is there life after separation? I'm sure going to find out 🙂

Adios Amigos…


Me tomorrow!


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